10000 Unique NFT Gen 2 Private Sale

Minting Price 0.5 SOL

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Rich Saudis Collection GEN1

GEN1 555 Unique Digital Rich Saudis Collection

Rich Saudis Collection GEN2

GEN2 10,000 Unique Digital Rich Saudis Collection




Mint Price



Mint Date


Jan 2023

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Rich Saudis Roadmap

This is our roadmap so far, this is only the beginning we want to build our project around our community, so if you have more ideas we are all ears

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Launch Initiated

Create all traits, generate, make discord, twitter, and launch project with Gen1 555 Rich Saudis NFTs.

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Rich Saudis Website

Web development, Code Writing, Design UI For Website - Launch Website & Promote.

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Gen1 & Gen2

RichSaudis Collection. Will Win Greater Rewards.

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Mint & Giveaway

Mint GEN2, Announce Tesla Model S P90 D Giveaway Along With Other 20 Mouth Watering Giveaways. Winner Will Be Announced On Discord

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Solana Games

Launch Solana Game Platforms. Activate Benefits For GEN1 & GEN2 Holders. Drawing GEN3 NFTs For Next Giveaway.

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Giveaway TESLA

Discord Bot Will Choose 1 Lucky Winner for TESLA from GEN2 NFT Holders & 20 More Lucky Winners For Other Prizes TBD

Meet Our Team

Some teams call themselves a family, but we actually are one! all designers with a passion for art

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Shiekh Sultan

The Developer

team Image
Shiekh Rashid

Oil Pumping

F.A.Q Questions

Official Launch For Rich Saudis GEN 2 is 29 October 2022 Holders will be benefit with Montly Giveaways and % From The Game Profits 02 What Will Be the Mint Price?.
Mint price for Gen 1 holders will be 1.3 SOL and for Non Gen holders 2.5 SOL Sol
Raffle will be available soon on weekly basis simply buy a NFT raffle ticket to enter prize, more info will be mentioned on the raffle page
Simply Join Richsaudis Discord here DISCORD Then Under Giveaways Chat React on Givway Icon to Participate
Stay engaged. Most projects offer a whitelist spot to supporters who are genuinely interested in the project and add value.. Invite people.. Make fan art.. Participate in giveaways.. Get in early.
Owner can Hodl Earn % Benefit From Rewards & Giveaways Generation After Generations. Each Generation Will Grow its Value.
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Join The Crypto Rich Saudis

Join a genuine community of 2000 Saudis!

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